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06 Ways You can make this World a Better Place

06 Ways You can make this World a Better Place

Waking up every day (alive) is a bliss that we don’t usually count in as one.
It means that you can still move around, realize your potential and make this world a better place.

In terms of activities, it boils down to
How we interact with the world,
How your work fits into the community and,
What we become?

Counting your day(s) as a blessing and your potential as a gift is one way to make this world a better place.

Mojo of Small Things presents 06 Ways You can make this World a Better Place, every day.

Make someone else’s day.

This is one of the ways to make your day too. It is always great to roam around and work with people who are happy, respected and acknowledged (I bet you would love to be made felt that way).
Call people by their respective name, be the first one to greet (with smile and respect) and ask how they have been?, and then LISTEN.
Take care of them as a human and do a random act of kindness (you don’t need to tell it to many people).

Caution: Do it with all people you meet, if you do it with a few – they may question your intentions.

Embrace being Humble.

Look at how tiny part of the nature you are, and accept that there are things you cannot control (stay humble anyway). Staying humble makes you a better learner and easy to approach.No one would love to seek help from or offer help to an arrogant jerk (Don’t be that Jerk).

Believe in something bigger than yourself.

Whether you give it a name, or not – believing in something bigger than yourself eases you off.
Believing in something bigger that yourself is the first step to stay strong during the crisis, and being humble when things are going the good way you expect them to.

Caution: Believe and keep it to yourself.You don’t need to broadcast it.

It can be a purpose close to your heart – if that is the case, live it and people will follow if it makes sense to them (again, don’t be a broadcasting junkie)

Give back without expecting

When it comes about love and care- give back without expecting.
It is tough and will need constant self-reminders, but this is the way to live being hurt less.

This is not to say that you won’t get hurt on your way, but you will end up not hurting other people and your soul will feel lighter.

Give before and more than you take

This is how you contribute towards creating equilibrium.
By giving more than you take.
Whatever you take, return it better.
Whatever you touch – heal it or make it better.
Do more with less.

Feel alive

Do what makes your soul dance and it starts with self-love.
To feel alive you will have to wake up to your dreams, do things that matter and makes you feel that you are making an impact.

Note: No hyperlinks in between, so that you can stay focused here.

A detailed Article Series Coming soon.


  1. Sophie

    Such a simple list but I can see how it would make a difference. Love the comment on caution, don’t broadcast. Thought that was funny but so true though.

    1. Hemant Sharma

      Thanks Sophie.
      Glad you loved the piece.

      Great time.
      Mojo of Small Things.

  2. good stuff. I will make sure to bookmark your blog.

  3. I conceive this web site has got some real good information for everyone

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