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03 Mindset Shifts for Getting Things Done like a Pro.

03 Mindset Shifts for Getting Things Done like a Pro.

Look around, in the middle of all the chaos, confusion and row of cubicles – there exists a rare breed.
The Breed of DOERS – the Ones who are:
Able to put chaos and confusion to rest, and
Mine in the solutions even when the questions have not been put into words.


They are the ones who appear to have that edge which the others are not able to decode.
They are the ones who invite admiration manifested in jealousy.

The secret to getting things done is not in the DNA – but how they have been trained or (better) have trained themselves in getting their mindset right.

Mojo of Small Things presents the 03 Mindset Shifts for Getting Things Done like a PRO.

Mindset Shift 01:

[ctt template=”8″ link=”AfV1D” via=”yes” ]Some call it foresight, others call it Planning. No matter what you call it – DOERS are good at it.[/ctt]

Not only they are selective in picking up their battles wisely, they think them through to guard themselves against major execution roadblocks.

The Mindset 01 means that the DOERS

  • Write things to bring clarity,
  • Make lists to eliminate the redundant,
  • Prepare timelines to ensure executions.
  • Seek Support and
  • Define ‘WHAT NOT TO DO’.

So if you find someone:
Who is a listener, is taking notes and asking smarter questions: you have just found someone with this mindset.

How to develop this mindset?
Hangout with people who already have this mindset.
Start writing a journal, lists, doodling whatever: You can only think it through if you have spent enough time with it and can get back to it whenever you want to.

Mindset Shift 02

[ctt template=”8″ link=”nQXdE” via=”yes” ]Once their ‘Getting things done’ Map is in place, and they are ready to take that leap into the chaos. The DOERS let go off feeling inadequate by embracing the Power of LESS IS MORE.[/ctt]

By letting go of ‘more is better’ mindset, they are able to reach the PRIME level of Getting Things Done faster – The EXECUTION.

The Mindset 02 means that the DOERS

  • Go minimalist and functional in terms of designing the solutions,
  • Are able to seek help and are better able to justify the ‘WHY’ behind the task.
  • Are able to squeeze time to get to the solutions and test the solutions in the real markets,

Going minimalist and frugal helps you cut through the clutter of cosmetic aspects of the solution which can always be added later on.

So if you find someone:
who is frugal yet solution oriented, has realistic estimates and is not embarrassed to seek help and test things – you have just found someone with this mindset.

How to develop this mindset?
Hangout with people who already have this mindset.
Start with embracing minimalism in some aspects of your life – which may mean having less and consuming less.

Mindset Shift 03
The Power of Simple Rules.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”0u4pZ” via=”yes” ]Since DOERS operate amongst Chaos and Confusions – distractions and decision fatigue are the perks they cannot afford.[/ctt]

What do they do to get past them and stay consistent?
They understand and unleash the POWER of Simple Rules.

The Simple Rules:
The Rules that are easy to understand, and easier to Execute. They are the rules that are well laid beforehand and have serious productivity implications.

The good part about Simple Rules:

1) They can be applied anywhere and everywhere in life.
2) Having Simple Rules helps them ward off decision fatigue and doesn’t taxes their resolve muscle.

The Mindset 02 means that the DOERS

  • They may decide to Eat at home, Eat less and Eat early.
  • They may decide to clean up their work desk and switch off every day before leaving for home.

Simple Rules in Action:
Simple Rule for Meetings:
Jeff Bezos: If you are not able to serve all the meeting members with just 2 pizzas – The GROUP IS BIG.

Simple Rules for Wardrobe:
Mark Zuckerberg: Same Clothes every day

How to develop this mindset?
Hangout with people who already have this mindset.
Start with a focus to identify the tasks that require YOUR decision making, for all others – delegate, put on autopilot, eliminate or outsource. Keep your decision-making muscles reserved for the most crucial.

Before you go and become the DOER: Here is what you need to remember.

Tool Box :01
The Mindset of Thinking it through: Getting the Execution Map Right.
The Mindset of Embracing ‘LESS is MORE’: Getting the Execution Juggernaut Moving.
The Mindset of Resorting to Simple Rules: Getting the Distractions NOT Stop You.

Tool Box: 02
Hang out with people who are already doing it and You will be one of them soon.

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