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Why you should WRITE a Journal and a little more about writing !

Why you should  WRITE a Journal and a little more about writing !

The real human evolution started when the first cave painting was made, when the first story was told, when the seed of folklore was planted in and when the picture became a letter/alphabet.

What we talk (with self and others) and What we write (for self and others) is a primary medium how we interact, realize and manifest the world around.

No wonder, everyone who is worth listening to or making an impact are making To-Do lists (we suggest you also make What NOT-To-Do list) or are writing daily journals.

Starting to write a Journal was the best thing I did 3 years ago.
It changed the way I see myself, the world, my priority list, the way I run my day and more importantly my life.

Not only I started getting better at getting things done (eventually), I became better overall.

Here is my journey since then and a What I learned during that process so that you can benefit from that.

Disclaimer 01: Journal writing like everything else is a personal journey.
It may make sense to you immediately or may happen in a different context some other time

Mojo of Small Things presents ‘Why you should WRITE a Journal and a little more about writing !’

Why should you write something?

When you write something-
You make it permanent,
You make it real, and
You give it a chance to spread.

Writing is the beginning of Making Something Real

What should go into your Journal?

Anything that makes your heart on fire and your brain buzzing.
Anything that makes you do more, be more and give more.
Anything that moves you towards love, passion, and compassion.
Anything that brings you closer to what you should become?
Anything that talks about how your past helped you and how you want your future to be like.
Anything that makes you paint, scribble, doodle and fires your creativity.
Should go into your journal.

When should you write in your journal?

Write when you get an idea.
Write to get an idea.
Write when you are bored and want to doodle.
Write when someone says something and it makes sense.
Write when you want to plan your day, a month and a year.
Write when you had a good day, a bad day or a day types day.
Write before you go to bed – say thanks for what you already have and what you want to have.
Write for your loved ones and write for yourself whenever you feel like.
Write to travel.
Write after travel.
Write to create art.
Write after you have created Art.

Keep it near your pillow because the best ones come when you are half asleep.

How should you write?

Write- Draw- Doodle- Scribble – Paint -Write Poetry both sensible and insensible- Write birthdays- Write – Draw – Doodle – Scribble..

What All should be there for sure?

Assertions: What you think of yourself and also What you would like to become- The good things.
To-Get Things Done: Things that you want to get done – assuming you may have to leave office post lunch.
Gratitude: Thank you for what you have and what you are going to get.
Love: Call those who love you and the ones you love.

Write to succeed, Write to rest, Write to Plan and Write to say thanks.
Write when you get a chance to write.

Start with your journal and carry it with yourself.

Carry Crayons, Calendar, and a Watch and this will make your life worth writing.


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