Letter to Millennials ! Your Life is tough but it need not stay that way!

Hey Millennial,

Long time since we met and talked.

I decided to write a letter to you.
I am Proud of You for sticking around, and more proud of your capacity to aspire for a good life.

I know your life is tough.

It is WORK – a lot of it; you feel a compulsive need to move up the career ladder faster and higher that is bugging you. You have been made to believe that it is OK to PLEASE your BOSS, his boss, and people you may not like or agree with. It has become normal for you to have LATE DINNERS ALONE because your loved ones waited for you while you were busy working.

Your LIFE has become MORE VIRTUAL THAN REAL, and you have started finding an escape in that and in – likes & comments, we are complaining about it but WE ARE STILL LOGGED IN THERE. You are sad that there are NO REAL FRIENDS , most of them have either turned competitors or re no longer in touch, and things don’t seem to be fair

THERE ARE CALLS YOU SHOULD BE MAKING TO YOUR LOVED ONE(S) but are not making. THERE IS NO TIME TO CATCH UP WITH OLD FRIENDS , laugh like you used to. We have been groomed that THERE IS A WAY TO BEHAVE WHEN WE ARE OUT OR WITH SOMEONE, no matter how uncomfortable it is.

We feel that TAKING CARE AND SAYING ‘I LOVE YOU‘ IS NOT Enough  – there has to be a set-up, gifts and an occasion.

I also know why your life is tough, and what to do about it?

You have no time for love, cuddling, silence, nature walks, play, dance, making things with your hands, cooking, getting your clothes soiled, stopping to look at sunrise and sunset.
You no longer find moon beautiful, birds melodious and fragrance of wet soil enchanting.
You think twice before sitting and talking with grandparents, play with small kids and helping strangers.
You think hugs are only when you say good byes and tears makes you weak.
You think more stuff is going to make you happy and people are going to love you if you are beautiful.
You have started putting people in boxes.
You think everything in life can wait but not work.
We are here for a reason and that reason is love.

Love more, there is never a bad time to cuddle some, give a hug, share a laugh, stay silent and cuddle some more.

There is never a bad time to

  • Share a Joke,
  • Take deep breaths,
  • Help people without expecting things in return,
  • Planting a seed and watching it sprout- grow- flower ,
  • Picking up the phone and make a call to say I miss you.
  • Getting your clothes soiled and your shoes drenched – they can be washed and taken care of but you won’t be young again.

Don’t like the food on the plate? Go rework it, cook something plain, nice and with friends.

Don’t like your workplace? Go get better at your trade and help as many people as possible.

Go travel, detox, De-clutter and detach for a while, learn what you always wanted to, sing even if you are not great at it, dress crazy and subtle, use crayons, experiment with spices, be sassy in your pajamas, listen to music and dance in the bathroom and outside.
Go chase your dreams around the kind of life you want to live.

In the end, Love some more, Do everything with love and then cuddle some more.

Hey Millennial, Don’t punish yourself.

The good life is in the small things. Do them without guilt, regret and do them more often.

I know your life is tough, but it need not stay that way from now on.

With Love
Mojo of Small Things

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