Why ‘Calling Your MOM frequently’ is a good idea?

Hope you are doing good!
Where is your phone?
You will need it soon.
Someone wise once said – Life cannot be lived in parts and sequences, all parts must be lived together.; and A richer life includes going to bed ‘happy & content’ and waking up ‘prepared & optimistic’.

The ingredients includes a real purpose, real people and real conversations.
Given the peer pressure, organizational norms and what society values:

It is easy to fall in the trap of pessimistic, ‘always running behind’ and ‘rudimentary treated as crucial’ life.
While being in trap, One person gets ignored the most – Your Mother.

So when you were busy accepting  that ‘work should consume all my time to make me fit in’, you just stopped calling her.

This Mother’s Day – Mojo of Small Things presents
Why ‘Calling Your MOM frequently’ is a good idea?:
  1. It is one way to feel thankful about the treasure you are blessed with.

    It is not money, it is not heirloom, It is not Jewels – She is the JEWEL.
    Whether it is care, love and a little scolding here and there, one thing is for sure – She loves you and this all is for your good. She is one who will understand even when no word is shared and you are trying to sneak into your corner silently, she catches you and inquires.
    She can act as a Police Officer during the times like this, but that will make you laugh when you will look back.

  2. It keeps you humble.

    She wont just nag you for your weight (over and under)  but also tell you to take care of yourself (again and again and again).
    She will tell you to stay a gentle human being, Be ambitious and tell you the tales that will bring you closer to your roots.

    Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna mentioned in an interview that he cleans his kitchen everyday and calls his Mother In India everyday – It keeps him humble.

  3. She will listen to you and be concerned.
  4. She will offer an advice that will just work.

    Need we say more?

  5. She needs to feel that she is cared for and loved.

    She has given love abundantly all her life, It her time to receive it abundantly.

  6. It is good for everyone’s health.

    Being loved increases your immunity. Your mother will need it as she ages.

  7. She needs a friend too (and that is you).
  8. She will pick your call anytime of the day, any day.
  9. Just ask her how was her day and before she responds,

    I bet you would have made her day.

  10. It will keep your family happy.
  11. She will be happy knowing that you are doing good.

For Those who want to avoid the ‘M (Marriage) -Word’ questions:

Things to talk about:
Ask  the questions which starts with ‘HOW’.

How was your day?
How do you plan to spend your weekend? and so on.

What works, when you have too much work to do?

Having a predictable time slot everyday will be good.
When you are busy, drop a message but do reach her.

Pick up your phone and call her.

Not just this Mother’s Day but more often.

Loads of Love.
Mojo of Small Things

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