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10 things you must do in your Early 20’s that will prepare you for a great life.

10 things you must do in your Early 20’s  that will prepare you for a great life.

Hey Buddy !

Congratulations for approaching your 20’s.

Let me tell you that:

  • This can possibly be the decade when your seed of greatness can germinate (but you will have to work for it – work very smart and hard).
  • This can also a be decade wherein you may find yourself walking on the path towards nowhere –
    giving up to the easy to relish hedonistic pleasures.
  • This can also be a decade where in you may find your passions or your passions may find you.
    (As Jeff Bezos has famously said, You don’t find your passions, your passions find you).

20’s are the times that can make or break your life. Good things done in 20’s come back as manifolds, so do bad things.


Mojo of Small Things Presents 10 things you must do in your Early 20’s  that will prepare you for a great life.

Disclaimer: Stop treating life as a checklist thing (all the time) – sometimes it may help.

Try waking up early and learn to switch off social media once in a while.

This is the mother of all above things.
Waking up early, and switching off social media is going to two things for you – first, instill self discipline and second, give you chances of stealing ‘ME and DEEP WORK’ time.

Get fit and Learn to play a sport real good

Health is the biggest investment you can ever make anytime in life.
Move – Walk- Jump – Hop – Run – Climb- Hike – Cycle – Swim – Row – DO Yoga.
Whatever suits you, do it – more often and with friends.

Your productivity will zoom up , your mood will be great and you will make real friends.
You will learn to lead and being led passionately (most likely), win humbly and loose gracefully.

Read as much as you can.

There is no substitute to it.
Read whatever entices you ,makes you curious, helps you perform your job better- Read.

You will have good stuff to talk to and you will never run short of ideas.

“One hour per day of study in your chosen field is all it takes. One hour per day of study will put you at the top of your field within three years. Within five years you’ll be a national authority. In seven years, you can be one of the best people in the world at what you do.”
-Earl Nightingale.

Learn to Cook.

Learning to cook is going to make you  healthy, rich and can  save your life.
Being able to cook can transform your life:
Making you a favorite in your social circle,
Helping your make good food decisions, and
Enabling you to DE-stress.

Don’t worry – you will fail 10 times and then the rhythm will set in and before you know you food will turn from being EDIBLE to LIKABLE.

You will also experience that your sense of taste, smell and sight ll be notch higher that before.

Read- Watch- Cook-Burn-Cook Again- Enter your Mother’s kitchen: yeah this the way!

Learn to live away with less things.

Now this is going to be one skill you must SURELY experiment with, in your 20’s – Minimalism.
Embracing Minimalism is going to alter your definition of success from POSSESSION to CONTRIBUTION.

Having TO DO with less stuff is going to
Race your BRAIN into utility mindset, and
Relish the things that matter.

Start traveling Solo.

 “Traveling first turns you speechless and then into a Storyteller.”
-Ibn Batuta

You will meet passionate people,
Make friends,
Experience wonders and
Then luckily You will acquire the Urge travel some more.

Traveling solo will make you  better at planning, and unleash your appetite for uncertainty.

Volunteer and help as many people as possible.

Do things not for money but because they need to be done.
When you help people you are helping yourself become a better human being.

This is the only place where in you will find almost all the successful people in your town involved.

You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.”~Winston Churchill

Find a mentor.

If you Don’t want to make all the mistakes in your life all by yourself ,and
Aspire to accelerate you growth- This is the ONLY way.

If Your aspire to FLY like an EAGLE, Don’t Flock with the DUCKS – Anonymous.

Scout someone   at-least 10X better than you in SKILLS.
with Uncompromising Ethics and
is Willing to MENTOR  You.

Acquire a SERIOUS WORK ETHIC and MORAL CHARACTER to lure them to you.
Become someone they would love to mentor.
[Even Tony Robbins had JIM ROHN].

Learn to keep quite when you don’t have something great to say and Keep Secrets.

This is not THE list but you will find there are lot of things you ll find on your own.

Add them and Share the bliss, for20’s is a great time to carve yourself.

With Love
Mojo of Small Things.


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