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3 Mental Shifts that can make You 5X better


All of us are afraid of a few things – failure to live up to someone’s expectations, failing in love or in becoming what you always wanted to be.

Staying afraid is not an option you should live with all your life.

The call to rise above these fears can be gruesome for many.

It is your responsibility to rise above your fears, unleash yourself of what is weighing you down and take the flight of possibilities.
The possibilities of a better, richer and abundant life: abundant in love and passion.

Mojo of Small Things brings you the 3 Mental Shifts that can make You 5X better


Mental Shift 01:
You are more than your job-

‘You are not just what you do for 1/3rd of your day or for money,
You are more of what you do for love and passion’.

Making this mental shift can help you:
expand your horizons,
get you relevant & lively friends,
help you get a new perspective to look at things, and
get in touch with the newer and fuller you.

You are more than your mistakes-
‘To err is human and rising above them is superhuman’.
Making newer mistakes is perfectly ok, till they are not lethal and you learn something from them.
Once you are out of the blame-game and excuses-trap – you may realize how your mistakes can help you evolve better.

Mental Shift 02:
You as an individual are not a static entity, You can evolve the way you plan to-

Making this mental shift can fundamentally alter the story you repeatedly tell yourself.

Once you alter your self-story‘,
You can start towards living your dream life- one that is based on abundance, impact and possibilities.

This simply means that now you can plan things because you believe that you can actually reach them and both these things (plan and belief) reinforce each other.

You are just a mental shift away from taking control of how you should and can grow.
All this can happen with acquiring a new perspective towards life.

Mental Shift 03:
Your definition of fear depends upon your previous definitions of pain, inconvenience, untried and standards set by your close circle.
All these are not fixed and written in stone.

If you break your neck, you have nothing to eat and your house is on fire, then you have a problem, everything else is mere inconvenience.’- Robert Fulghum.

You have a choice to amend your circumstances, choose people you interact with and not process what you don’t want to.
If your circumstances limit your possibilities – do yourself a favor by eliminating the rudimentary and unnecessary.

These mental shifts can help break the shackles that are binding you from taking the flight you always wanted to take.

Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the flight. 

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