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5 essentials that will give you creativity spike in long run.


                      Creativity is the super-power of new age. 

Everyone wants to be at-least seen as creative at work and outside, and we wish it was deliberate and instant to get access to one’s creativity arsenal.

Coming out with ‘non-linear’ ideas is no longer going to be a rare thing for you.

mojoofsmallthings brings you 5 essentials, that will give you creativity spike in long run.

Before we move on the 5 essentials, there are 2 things that need to happen for you to flex your creativity muscle, 

Number 01: You should be ready to be and handle creativity

Number 02: You should surround yourself with what stimulates creativity

Willingness to stay a little organized and disciplined,
 diary to jot down ideas, ‘things to do vs. their impact‘ and questions you would like to find answers to.

 “You cannot use up CREATIVITY, the more you use it, the more you have it”

Essential 01: Move your body and Take Care

Research shows that going outdoors, playing, taking a nature walk is not only good for your body but also makes you brain work better. Having it in a daily routine or going out when you take a short break seems to be a good idea. Its not a coincidence that people who go for walks (or are physically active frequently) tends to be active at work and smart in their dealings. Sleeping well and enough can also help you feel relaxed.
Flexing your physical muscles can also help your creative muscles to get warmed up.

Essential 02:Use all your Senses while you learn

Using all the senses when you are learning something or coming across anything new, can lead to better brain associations and hence richer life experiences. Not only it aids memory, it can also help you gather better at looking at things beyond what is considered obvious. Look, touch, smell, hear  all at the same time. 

Essential 03: Make friends across cultures

Not only will it make you feel better and learn newer things, it will give you a new perspective about things. 

Newer cultures not only give you repository of ideas, having friends also makes you more tolerant in groups, ask better questions, simplify your communication and hence unleash group creativity.

Essential 04: Read diverse content and Ask Questions

“Reading a good book is like having a meeting with a smart friend”, and that makes our essential 03 more relevant. If you have friends across cultures and are replete with diverse knowledge, your chances of becoming consistently creative spikes up.
If you are a Physics major, pick up Philosophy and so on.

Essential 05:Do it Yourself (DIY) and Challenge Status Quo

“Done is better than Perfect”, 

Instead of waiting , start making. Keep your self busy in making things – write,paint, draw, color, cook, do gardening, or whatever makes you happy and in the zone. Being good with your hands is one of the precursor to the fact that you will get things done after you have had your creativity spike. Getting things done or doing them gives you confidence about getting things done and ward off things that are not so positive.

Starting with these 5 essentials can help you reach closer to being creative consistently.

Try and let us know, How did your Creativity Super-Power made you feel?  

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