Why Small is Powerful? The Law of Slow-Sure-Steady- Small

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December 31, 2017
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January 14, 2018

Chances are that you are already on a treadmill- the treadmill of ‘BIG Life’.

 As a consequence of a well-designed process, you have been made to believe that bigger TV, home, car, ambition, and goals are better than anything else.

 Great it may seem, but there is a part of the picture that no one wants you to see- That is this schema rarely works the way it has been promised to.

 There is a law of nature that supersedes the philosophy of Big – Massive- Fast any given hour of the day.

Mojo of Small Things brings you ‘The law of Slow-Sure-Steady- Small’ and why it will work?

Giant Trees, Himalayas, Coral Reefs, Great Companies, lasting relationships, thriving careers (they all grow ‘Slow-Sure-Steady- Small’).

How does it work?

The Law of Slow- Sure- Steady – Small
works on the basic premise that – once planned you must ensure that:
you are consistent,
don’t leave midway, and
don’t get so exhausted that the task is not enjoyable anymore.

 Let us take 04 scenarios of your life- health, skill, habits and building communities.

Changing your body for good and that too really fast:

You are aspiring for a different body (you should if you are not happy) and you want it fast- may be at the end of this week?
What is your best plan? The answer is – you don’t have any because it doesn’t exist.
Your body wants to change ‘Slow-Sure-Steady- Small’ and this is the only way it will stick.
In other words- running 120 miles in one go may end up killing you, but done over a period of 30 days will make you stronger.

Getting Skilled as fast as possible:

You want to become really skilled at something really fast. You may the smartest chap in the room and may have access to the most amazing resources, but still, it won’t happen as fast as you want it to.
Skills – athletic, mental or all other are built ‘Slow-Sure-Steady- Small’- that is the only way they will accumulate and persist.
Pele, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Sachin Tendulkar they all started early and then went ‘Slow-Sure-Steady- Small’
(now you have many packets of such repetitions but skills are built this way).

Forming new habits and getting rid of the old:

In its simplest form, A Man is composed of mass and habits.
When you try to form new habits or get rid of the old, the change that will stand the test of time is ‘Slow Sure-Steady- Small’.
The ones that are fast-massive and drastic can be heavy on your mind, body and mental muscles (in all likelihood you may give up midway).

Making communities of Passion

Some call it communities, others call it a tribe- whichever name it may be- they take time. For leadership to emerge, people to come together, rules to take definition and members to become evangelists- it takes time.
While the Big-Massive-fast may exhaust you and deprive you of timely corrections & engagement opportunities that will make the community strong- the ‘Slow-Sure-Steady- Small’ plan will lead to stronger communities in a longer run.

So whenever you plan to change something in your life- Try the ‘Slow-Sure-Steady- Small’ and the good news is, it works.


Stay Tuned for more!