Why ‘Mojo of Small Things’ exists?

Mojo of Small Things was born to bring back the magic of ‘Small Things’, hence ‘Small things that we do are the big things’.

What all ‘Mojo of Small Things’ does?

‘Mojo of Small Things’, creates content, merchandise and workshops to help unravel the magic of small things.

The magic to help you make your life ‘Good- Better and eventually Great again’.

Mojo of Small Things works around the ‘Golden triad of LIFE-LOVE-WORK’.

The ‘How’ of Mojo of Small Things?

By picking up routines and mindsets best suited to you (more importantly to your purpose and calling);

By moving from attention to focus to deep work so that you can create the work of your life and put yourself in the zone of hyper-productivity (deliberately);

By experiencing The Power of ‘law of ‘Small-Sure-Slow’  to ensure that you make maximum and long-lasting impact.