All of us are trying to create a life that we believe is ideal.
Some of us believe it consists of buckets of money that make a life ideal,
while someone on the other side of the table may consider freedom to travel and express as the holy grail of an ideal life.
So, there is no one universal idea of what makes an ideal life and that IS the beauty of it.

While the spectators in your life may act like they know what an ideal life is, trust me – they don’t know more than you know (at least about your life).
If your idea of an ideal life keeps you alive, well-fed,  and happy – you have got the formula right.

The real stuff starts once you have decoded the formula of your kind of ideal life.
The responsibility to protect the idea and to help it not decay after getting infected with the mediocrity virus.
The responsibility to protect your sanity when everyone around tries to convince you out of your path.

While you are busy protecting the formula for your ideal life, this is going to happen sooner or later:
You are going to get late in reaching your optimistic targets, you are going to loose energy while dealing with loved ones.

Don’t lose hope even if you are running late or low on energy.
Here are the 4 things you can do to start to take charge of your life and start moving towards the kind of life you always wanted.

Good News:
These things apply to an aspiring artist and an aspiring millionaire in equal measure.
They are just four.
Not so Good News:
It will take work and a little mindset shift.

  1. Stop hanging around with people who talk about other people.

    There area few traits you should be very cautious of – but this is the mother of all.
    It signifies that either they are playing the victim card, or have nothing significant to do with their own lives.
    It also signifies that they may use someone else’s example of failure to derail you off your glory.
    Yes, Gossip and people talk can seriously limit your ambitions and potential.
    No matter who they are or how close they are to you, you can always distance yourself without hurting them.
    Once you do that, you will realize that you now have the energy and time you never thought you had to your disposal.
    It is going to be a win-win for sure.
    Whenever you feel your resolve going for a toss, just remember 2 things:
    First, if they are talking to you about other people, they will for sure be talking about you to other people,
    Second, You are the average of five people you hang out with (Jim Rohn), now what do you want to become?

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  2. Stop acting like rich.

    Why this comes at number 2?
    Look around and you find many people being swayed by the idea that looking rich is more important than being rich
    (they take both these things as same but they are not).
    You will also see that burning cash can limit your staying power and strength to endure the long game of creating your ideal life.
    Spending money that you don’t have is the surest way to becoming perennial poor in terms of lifestyle and the things that you can get done.
    Don’t spend money to appear rich in the short term,
    Save and invest to become and stay cushioned in the long run.

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  3. Get busy with the right things.

    No matter who do you idolize in your field of passion, they will have one thing in common for sure.
    Relentless focus and work ethic to get busy with the right things.
    Call it the 10,000-hour rule of achieving mastery or call it Einstein’s secret of staying with a problem a little longer.
    You got to get busy with the right things, and an alternative way to start is to stop doing the wrong things.
    Not so Right Things: Things that consume your energy, time and builds resistance to do your most value-adding task.
    You can start with:
    Limiting your screen time,
    Getting reasonable sleep,
    Taking good care of your health, and
    Keeping uncompromisable slots to getting better at your craft and some of the meta-skills (focus, mindfulness, and compassion).

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  4. Drive home the point that life is a long-term game.

    So no matter what you are aspiring to achieve, it is going to take time,
    All you need to do is to arrive prepared and not lose temper on the way.
    This is where all the top three things are going to come together and make sense.
    Finding and staying on your path is going to take time,
    Finding the right kind of people or your tribe is going to take time.
    Getting better at the things that matter and going to give disproportionate returns is going to take time.

When to start?
Start today and then don’t stop.

The life that you always wanted is waiting for you.

Much Love

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