Meet the Mojo Family !


are The Mojo Family

Sanket Pansari


Sanket takes care of our Events and Outreach Program.

Namisha Sharma

Lead Photo Artist

Namisha Sharma is the one behind almost all our photographs. She takes care of our 'The Good Life Photo' Project.

Hemant Sharma

Founder and Lead Coach

Hemant is the Founder of Mojo of Small Things and takes care of all the Mojo Workshops. Contact him for knowing more about what all 'Mojo of Small Things' can do for you or your team.

Akanksha Chandan

Social Media Manager

Akanksha takes care of Social Media at Mojo of Small Things.


Few words about us

Creators, Artists and Doer's all combined in.

We have always believed that All of us have a Super-Power and We call it being an Artist, Creator and a DOER..

While Hemant looks after the content and growth, Namisha creates portraits that can captivate, Akanksha is the Czarina of Social Media. Sanket looks after our outreach program.


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