Hi! I am Hemant Sharma.

I am the creator and blogger at Mojo of Small Things.
I spent much of my adult life believing that the good life is made up of big things, only to realize that it is small things we ignore that make up life good.

Years of soul searching, meeting the masters (including zen masters), and experimenting with lifestyle design,  this is what I found:

  1. Your Focus is your most crucial asset.
  2. Love is the most potent life force.
  3. More is not always the Answer, when Happiness is the Question.

If you are confused, clueless or exhausted (or all of it), I know how you feel. I’ve been there, read more, tested all the ideas I am going to share, have met the masters to seek insight.
Hang around and I’ll share all the ways I moved from an being restless, inefficient and clueless corporate zombie to relaxed, creative, and mindful happy chap.

We’ll talk about finding your focus back, habits of happiness, passion and how to do meaningful work while living the magic of small things.
We will also be creating space to slow down, notice your life and how to enjoy what matters most to you too.

Much Love

I am resident story teller with The Brand Story, and curate content for a digital agency called Digital Bounce.