Why Mojo of Small Things?

Being Happy

Figure out your values and align your life to them.

Fulfilling Potential

Overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals.

Making Change

Get over fears and change your job or habits.

Finding Balance

Breathe, relax, and become content with your world.

About Mojo Of Small Things

Mojo of Small Things was born to bring back the Magic of Small things in our lives.

The small choices we make, gestures we share, care we share, love, gratitude, and lot such things – which may seem small but have the potential to change lives for good.

Mojo of Small Things works around the ‘Golden Triad of Life-Love-Work’, and
aims to incorporate small tweaks in everyday life to make things better and create a life you always wanted.

The life of Abundance, Happiness, Balance and Courage.
The life of Purpose, Passion, and Performance.

How are we going to create a life we always wanted, from where we are now?


By listening to and walking in the direction of your Inner-Calling.
Being Clear, Fearless, and Mindful.


By experiencing The Power of ‘law of ‘Small-Sure-Slow’  to ensure that you make maximum and long-lasting impact.
By moving from Attention to Focus to Deep Work so that you can Create the Work of Your Life and put yourself in the Zone of Hyper-Productivity(deliberately).
By Choosing Love , Creation, and Giving over everything else.
Being driven despite odds.


By picking up Routines and Mindsets to Remove Distractions, Bring Clarity, and enable you to Do What Matters.
Being Efficient, Effective, and Unstoppable.

Mojo of Small Things’, creates content, merchandise and workshops to help unravel the magic of small things


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