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The Year was 2009, the year I wrote my first piece. It was a letter to a friend who was going through tough times. He was seeking advice. His family was rich, they had a lot to do and they were not able to do much.

This was the beginning of What Mojo of Small Things is all about.

I started to search for what makes life abundant, meaningful, and worth a legacy?

It took me years of searching out and seeking in that I finally realized the three building blocks of a Good life - Gratitude, Clarity, and Peak Performance.

Were they big things? NO. They were Small and they had Magic in them. Hence the name - Mojo of Small Things.

Fast forward to 2015, we started to create content and workshops for adults struggling to gain clarity and perform at their peak.

We are now a 5 member team and our biggest accomplishment remains the number of people we have worked with so far (1000+ have attended our interactions) and benefited from our Coaching Framework.

What We Do..!

We create content and workshops to coach young people to look back into the magic of gratitude, clarity, and peak performance.
We have worked with smaller groups of young people, corporates and institutions to help them gain clarity and attain peak performance.


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